Mapping Matter

A hierarchy of phenomenon is outlined:

Each category features components that are fluid, oscillate and have a charge or current. It has been demonstrated that a multiverse is related to galaxies and super-clusters are related to the universe. Subatomic particles are a property of quantum oscillon clouds.





Experiments with vibrating reflective particles illuminated by laser beams.



Two opposing beams are reflected by particles in a transparent chamber. The reflected beams are projected onto a screen.






Other apparatus included a glass sphere with beams intersecting at 90°.



Projected beams are both characteristic of lightning bolts and tracks of subatomic particles.




Neutrino tracks and lightning are simulated by varied size particles oscillating at 28hz and illuminated by 650nm/532nm 5mw laser beams. The experiments are consistent with activity discovered in other work, which indicates the presence of quantum oscillon clouds (a.k.a. dark matter) that transform to subatomic particles through energetic oscillation in cymatic sequences.

It has already been discovered that lightning produces antimatter (Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope).


High-energy accelerators and colliders are limited to the types of particles generated from quantum oscillon clouds (QOC).



Active QOC’s



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