Oscillating gravitational fields are capable of forming galactic clusters as n-body nuclei.


Collapse and fluidization of entire gravitational field/vibrating nucleus (top) transformed to singularities.


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Dark matter can be considered an oscillating hydrodynamic gravity phase capable of inflating (evaporating), collapsing and expanding. This is demonstrated with bubble/film experiments, which are a complete study exploring dark matter and gravity waves.

Interacting multiverse phases define the mechanics of dark energy. That is, scalar hydrodynamic gravity phases of dark matter interface with other fields. One example might be a collapsed field, which has expanded, interfacing with another field inflating. The combined multiverse field equals an inflating expansion similar to the observable universe. Other signatures of dark energy include gravitational lensing.

Dark matter and dark energy are keys to understanding multiverse environments, local phenomenon and energetic cosmic radiation.

             Interfaced inflating, collapsed and expanding bubble fields - Dwarf galaxy AM2323-323

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